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About Us

We are an energized and innovative crew of web designers and developers who have come together in order to bring a surge of vitality to your company.  We started this service because we feel an affinity towards fellow entrepreneurs as they work towards achieving their dreams.  But we also appreciate a fair game between small and big business players.  In this day and age, the game is only as fair as the ability to adapt state-of-the-art technology and innovations.  There are far too many companies that have the ability to provide quality products and services, but suffer because they lack the visibility and reach of a much larger organization.  This happens because they don’t have a strong online presence.  As a small business ourselves, we know these difficulties all too well, and we have the skillset to improve your network and reach.  It’s our mission to help small businesses gain the same advantages as much larger ones by raising them up to the same level playing field.  


Robert Tortora

 Co-founder, Project Manager, Web Designer 

For over 15 years Robert Tortora has worked in design. After education at Emerson College he worked in Hollywood for a series of years doing graphics and working for a series of TV shows featured on Food Channel, Bravo, Spike, and other networks. After moving to Austin TX he worked as a Flash developer on projects for a series of big businesses and small. He met Gregg Housh when he moved back to Boston in 2016 and cofounded RedesignMe. Working alongside a team he considers the best he's ever worked with we set out on a mission to improve small businesses.


Gregg Housh

Co-founder, CEO, Web Developer

Gregg Housh is an internationally known, and sometimes controversial, internet security expert and digital rights activist. He has leveraged his unique skills into successful campaigns across the planet, building relationships across every aisle imaginable in the process. A tech wunderkind born into poverty in the outskirts of Dallas, Housh has built an impressive portfolio of web development, database management and migration skills, branding expertise, and unparalleled comfort engaging across social media and traditional mainstream media outlets.

Redesign Your Website  

Redefine Your Business!

Users appreciate websites that look fresh and new, that work seamlessly on phones and mobile devices, that tells them exactly what they need to know about your company. Your existing website already has the content your customers want to see, what we do is make it easier and more pleasant for them to navigate. Like a fresh coat of paint on your storefront, periodic website redesigns are crucial to the upkeep of your business.

RedesignMe websites are built on the backbone of WordPress. This allows our clients to easily update their own content without costly follow up. This infrastructure also makes it easy to keep up with the cutting edge of web standards, and provides

rapid updates for security.

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